4 Ways to Strengthen Your Environmental Strategy – Anywhere in The World

Business innovation requires the presence of self-sustainability.  Awareness — It is a must to recognize Environmental strategies in order to survive the 21st century.

Stay Pro-Active

Big companies like Toshiba maintain the environment as a top priority.  As part of their strategy, this excerpt was taken from Toshiba’s Reuse and Recycle Program:

“Find the best solution: Sell, Donate or Recycle

TV and laptops have gotten thinner. It takes a lot of valuable resources to power every television, laptop or tablet Toshiba makes. We need your help to recapture and recycle these valuable resources. Since 2007, with your help, Toshiba and our partners at MRM have recycled over 200 million pounds of electronics. If your gear is still working, we can help you sell it for cash or donate it to a local school or non-profit.”

Here are 4 Key Components to having a successful environmental strategy:


There must be a full understanding of the value in implementing a strategy. Knowledge is power. Invest in literature and seminars.

A Plan

An Environmental should provide sustainable solutions with a forward-thinking mentality, innovative, and practical. At the end of the day; you should look into developing and managing a plan that facilitates enhancing our quality of life.

Things to include in your environmental strategy plan:

  1. strategic guidance
  2. federal compliancePrint
  3. sustainability planning
  4. smart grid technology
  5. greenhouse / emissions bench-marking
  6. climate action plans
  7. recycling strategy
  8. re-using strategy

You will need people to drive this idea. Heart-invested individuals to continue the dialog and achieving the goals.

Environmental KPI’s

Set benchmarks, hold teams accountable, reward your over-achievers

emission to air
-dust and particles
-metal to air emission

-organic pollutants
-metal to water emission
-nutrient pollutants

-radioactive waste

Dialog and Reporting

Set specific meetings with experts in the subject. Champion events with local drivers who consider the environment a priority


Water Use and Abstraction
Natural Gas

It is crucial that we teach our children and ourselves regarding the earth which surrounds us. Taking care of the environment and our earth will help us live longer, breathe better, increase quality of the food we eat, and have healthy animals.

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