Augmented Reality – Duplication of Real World Environment

Imagine having the ability to superimpose digitally rendered images to a computer program.  Now imagine being able to demonstrate a new home design without actually having to buy any of the design articles.  Life has just become easier for people who want to show their imagination without much overhead and limitations.

Software an d algorithms

Utilizing real-world coordinates, Augmented Reality (AR) systems measure how realistically they integrate augmentations with the real world integrating audio and other sense enhancements displayed in real-time.

The technique is being used predominately in Marketing, Advertising, Engineering, and Modeling (Architecture) to display 3-Dimensional work broadening the imagination and its capabilities.

There are various methods of image capturing:

  1. Eyeglasses
  2. Head-mounted
  3. Contact lenses
  4. Virtual retinal display
  5. Handheld
  6. Hardware (Car Windshield)

The market faces pros and cons related to augmented reality.  Some of the cons are; security of content, speed and reliability of technology (rendering capabilities), and lack of offline content.  On the other hand, the advantages of AR are endless; limit-less ways to express creativity and super-imposing without the overhead, ease of use, and overhead.

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