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Brilliantly imagined.  Flawlessly executed.

Digital Signage’s mission is to provide fully managed content and communication solutions that deliver the right message to the right place, at the right time and the best price. Digital Signage  Solutions include indoor and outdoor digital displays, video walls, interactive touch panels, QSR menu boards, and custom-designed interactive customer experiences – all supported by powerful end-to-end technology platforms for managing content and best-in-breed equipment.

Digital Signage Services understands that every customer is unique. Consumers should look at each project as a long-term business relationship with its provider. Some points to value are content expertise, professional design, worry-free implementation and operation, and a single point of accountability from a trusted source. Toshiba Digital Signage experts, for example, collaborate with each customer to ensure they receive an impact in ROI and cost-effective solution that engages their target audience and achieves their business objectives.  So far Toshiba is the only company who can provide beginning-to-end signage solutions.

From a site assessment to content creation, design and implementation, the expectation that configurations work together to ensure complete satisfaction every step of the way. Once an installation is complete, expect to have an on-going content management services to help you guarantee messages exposure. To ensure maximum performance and up-time, the provider should offer service agreements complete with customer support, troubleshooting and equipment replacement or repair.

Digital Footprint Interactive

Very few Interactive solutions deliver engaging and interactive customer experiences via the power of touch.  Completely unique, these interactive solutions present content in a compelling environment to promote your products and services or provide appealing self service experiences via touch display. Their exceptional functionality takes users from passive to active, allowing them to explore, expand and mark-up content, watch videos, play games, access information and more.

Such interactive solutions include horizontal solutions to industry specific applications all custom designed to meet your branding and business objectives. Virtuoso, for instance, is a cost-effective interactive solution designed for high-use environments.  Perfect for one-to-one or one-to-few interactions, Virtuoso allows you to user interaction by allowing them to explore content in a unique fashion.  Content experts work closely with each client to understand objectives and then collaborate with e-signers to build an application to achieve those objectives.

What it takes – The Process

Signage solutions provide everything your company needs to implement a digital signage network. Implementation teams team understand the essentials of digital signage including hardware, software and content. Collaboration is required to identify business objectives and then plan and design a custom solution.  E-Commendations are made on displays, mounts, optimal locations, electrical and IT needs, security considerations, building management approval, and more. Communication experts develop necessary content, schedule programming and maintain and update content to ensure goals are met. The end result is a seamless experience that delivers an affordable and dependable digital signage solution.

Assessments and Site Surveys

Meeting with stakeholders to determine needs and understand challenges at hand – including site surveys to determine the best digital signage implementation for you.

Design and Implementation

Solutions are crafted and customized to suit your unique needs. Research and present options intended to help you drive results and meet the goals you want to achieve. Once the architecture meets your approval, schedule of installations and go-live dates.

Installation and Service

Nationwide installation and service coverage is custom-configured to suit the needs of your business. Service and support to specific locations, regional geographic areas, or even manage your entire digital signage operation – seamlessly and without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers.

Content Development and Creation

Content Creation Team jumps in and develops custom content that will drive results. Content will be developed based on your company branding so consistency remains intact.

Content Management

Content administration on your behalf, saving you both time and money. We’ll ensure maximum uptime with designated architecture maintenance and troubleshooting. Off-site host the content to ensure it’s distributed to your networked displays as scheduled.

Financing and Leasing

From global solutions to local installations, one should consider flexible packages with competitive rates and maximum simplicity.

Digital Content Manager is a complete scalable platform for managing networked interactive media experiences.

Digital Content Manager provides a centralized solution capable of delivering targeted content by time, location, and demographic to ensure delivery across multiple touch points. Digital Content Manager can be deployed in many ways from simple play loops with occasional content changes, to frequently changed content that is hyper-targeted, all via a network. This cloud-based solution allows for sophisticated planning, distribution and management of digital content across a network of displays. With its open architecture, custom solutions are easy and users can create, manage and measure highly-targeted digital signage networks with minimal time, resources or budget.

Digital Content Manager offers drag and drop convenience, customizable dashboards, and rich interactive reports so you can ensure your content and messaging are effective. Using Digital Content Manager, administrators have full visibility and control over their network at all times giving them the power to make adjustments as needed.  Digital Content Manager offers customers a breadth of capabilities to easily deliver and manage communications at a low monthly cost as well as comprehensive or a la carte service plans that ensure a robust and secure operating system with maximum uptime.

Content Creation and Management Services

Whether you need to augment your own creative staff or need complete content creation services, solutions are out there. Content experts understand the essentials of communicating effectively. They are master wordsmiths and talented illustrators who will work with you to plan, design, create, deploy, and maintain high-quality content for your digital signage solutions ensuring your communication goals are met.

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