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Importing Guidelines – Dominican Republic

Importers must register with the Central Bank (Banco Central) as importers/representatives. You will receive a receipt of payment (recibo de pago) and must pay a fee. This process should take around 20 days to complete. They should also register with the Registro Nacional de Contribuyentes,

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Caribbean Economic Strength – MEDWEEK

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are meeting this week to strengthen the economy between the two countries. MEDWEEK (Minority Business Development Week) is an event sponsored by the US Commerce Dept’s Federal Minority Business Development Agency while fulfilling its mission: to assists firms that


Breathing With a Mask – Sleep Apnea Technology

Sleep. A necessity hard to perform when you suffer with moderate to severe obstructive sleep Apnea. Technology provides ways to help the obstruction from happening. For example, Upper Airway Stimulation – Systems are designed to improve patient care, easily implantable, and pressure sensitive.  As we