Digital Signage Interaction – 4 Responsive Creative Strategies

Digital Signage has developed into the norm of communicating crispy messages to a High Definition audience.  Take for instance Times Square, where audiences come to experience digital content by the masses.  This may come as a shock to some but Fortune 500 companies are still using static content (huge banners and posters) as part of their marketing strategy.  What are some advantages and disadvantages of signage?  What are the benefits of static vs. dynamic?  We randomly asked people in the Square who expressed feedback.

“I see trucks parked here all the time raising Jenny Lifts to change banners.  This causes disruption to the crowds, its not environmentally safe, and probably very costly to move all that manpower,”  says Tina (Reuters) who works in Times Square and frequents technology summits regarding content management systems.  So how to decide if static of dynamic is the right fit?

Why go the Dynamic Content Route?

The comparison could be a simple explanation.  Traditionally, digital media distribution systems have been designed as an easy-to-manage interface given to the user and accessible from any internet connected device.  Accessibility.  The content can easily be uploaded (given that you HAVE content) and published throughout.

Is Static the Right Solution?

This will heavily depend on a few points; do you own the location?, do you have access to legal counseling, and do you know your content strategy?  The location is a given.  If you are the owner of the location we’ve won the biggest battle.  We then move to government permits and zoning.  The most common thing and recommended thing to do is to hire an expediter.  The selected expediter will help in processing permits, demographics, fees, and details involving the content delivery.

Content Strategy

So you have the signage and ready to deliver content.  Now what?  6 out 10 companies who purchase signage have an Enterprise Content Manager in place.  the other 4 either fail to deliver crispy content or rely heavily on outsourced services to help them be up to par.  The biggest decisions regarding Content Strategy are:

  1. Resolution – How high can you go?
  2. Messaging – do I want interactive or static
  3. Target Audience – Who are my sweet spot customers?
  4. Longevity – How often can I afford to upgrade to new Technology?

Toshiba Business Solutions, a National provider in the Tri-State area can help assess your situation and help you answer these questions.

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