How Digital Signage Works – Assessing and Implementing

High Resolution Displays
Imagine being able to distribute digital content in a remote-controlled environment. Imagine being able to display your social media, presentations, products, marketing campaigns and more.  The standard in broadcasting content in High Resolution is here.  Toshiba’s beginning to end process of implementation is clear and precise:

Ellumina OmniChannel

ellumina-logoToshiba’s Ellumina OmniChannel solutions provide everything your company needs to implement a digital signage network. Our team understands the essentials of digital signage including hardware, software and content. We collaborate with you to identify business objectives and then plan and design a custom solution. Recommendations are made on displays, mounts, optimal locations, electrical and IT needs, security considerations, building management approval, and more. Communication experts develop necessary content, schedule programming and maintain and update content to ensure goals are met.  The end result is a seamless experience that delivers an affordable and dependable digital signage solution.

Assessments and Site Surveys

Our team meets with stakeholders to determine needs and understand challenges at hand – including site surveys to determine the best digital signage implementation for you.

Design and Implementation

Solutions are crafted and customized to suit your unique needs. We’ll listen, research and present options intended to help you drive results and meet the goals you want to achieve. Once the architecture meets your approval, we’ll schedule installations and go-live dates.

Installation and Service

Nationwide installation and service coverage is custom-configured to suit the needs of your business. We can provide service and support to specific locations, regional geographic areas, or even manage your entire digital signage operation – seamlessly and without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers.

Content Development and Creation

Once we understand your goals, our Content Creation Team jumps in and develops custom content that will drive results. Content will be developed based on your company branding so consistency remains intact.

Content Management

Using Toshiba’s Experience Manager application, our team can seamlessly administer content on your behalf, saving you both time and money. We’ll ensure maximum uptime with designated architecture maintenance and troubleshooting. We will host the content to ensure it’s distributed to your networked displays as scheduled.

Financing and Leasing

From global solutions to local installations, our team of financial masters can create a financing package with competitive rates and maximum simplicity

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