Toshiba Business Solutions of EPA Partner with Northern Children’s Services

Kind acts benefit the giver as well as the receiver. When we are kind to people, we perceive others with more compassion; we also feel a greater sense of “togetherness” with others. It makes us recognize our own blessings, and allows us to use our strengths in a helpful way. The great thing about Northern Children’s Services is “when you donate; you are supporting the healthy development of children.  You do so by also stabilizing their families to build stronger communities.”  Northern Children’s theory is simple; regardless of background or economic circumstances of a child, they are able to provide developmental support while enhancing productivity in individual’s lives.

Toshiba’s commitment to enhance the community is unwavering.  We feel and thrive on giving to charity and improve our sense of well-being.

Toshiba is very thankful for the opportunity to work Northern Children’s Services and thrive on opportunities to introduce our core beliefs.  Each dollar raised is a dollar spent on the future of our society and the expansion of our children.


*Photo: Brett Andor, Thomas Dunne (Toshiba Territory Manager), Pat Patterson, and Jim Bingham (VP/General Manager of Toshiba)


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